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Facial Plastic Surgery

Your face is how you are recognized and remembered. It is important for expressing yourself. If you are uncomfortable with any of your facial elements, today’s cosmetic surgery techniques have a solution for every concern. During your consultation, Dr. Araya will examine you and discuss your options to achieve your goals. We offer:


Dr. Araya specializes in helping achieve a natural, proportional result for breast enhancement. Whether you are interested in breast implants, a breast reduction, a breast lift or an adjustment that will make your breasts more symmetrical, we have the solution for you.

Body Plastic Surgery

We offer many procedures that will enhance your appearance.

Dr. Araya offers plastic surgery procedures for the overall body that are individualized for each patient. If you are concerned about areas that have not responded to diet and exercise, then procedures such as tummy tucks, liposuction and arm lifts can provide very positive results.

We offer the following procedures to achieve a natural proportional appearance.

For Men

Dr. Araya is a specialist in all male procedures, including:

For Women

Dr. Araya is a specialist in all women procedures, including:

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