Schedule your Surgery

A Step-By-Step Guide/Checklist

(Please print this out and check each item off as you go)

  • Please fill out our Medical Questionnaire and send it to us. We will give you a price quote and specific information about your procedure, along with available surgery dates.
  • There is never a requirement to send photos, however you may do so if you wish. Please use any digital camera and send photos to . Please take front and side views. Photos are not generally required for a price quote and are completely optional.
  • Please check availability with The Costa Rica Medical Center Inn . Recovery time is required before you will be able to travel. Along with our price, we will give you the number of required days.
  • Schedule a date for your surgery by giving us your preferred date here.
  • You will need a valid Passport in order to visit Costa Rica.
  • Make an appointment for your pre-op lab tests (please print the Pre-Surgery Checklist (link below) and take it with you when you go for your tests. Dr. Araya prefers the test results be done within 4 weeks of surgery. Blood tests and heart evaluation results should be as close to your surgery date as possible. If you do not wish to have the tests done at home, you may have them done at our hospital at the time of your pre-op consultation at a minimum cost.
  • We will set your pre-op consultation date, surgery date according to your proposed itinerary and arrange post-operative care with the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn. Once you have received both your surgery and lodging confirmations, you may make your airline travel arrangements. When your flight schedule is set, please email the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn with your airline arrival information. They will coordinate everything with our office. You will not need a car while in Costa Rica as taxis are plentiful. Alternatively, the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn offers premium accommodations plans which include airport pickup and return as well as transportation to all appointments during your stay.
  • For all questions regarding airport pick up, transportation, lodging and other travel information, please contact the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn, San Jose, Costa Rica at
  • For all medical questions please contact our office at

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