The Plastic Surgery Center Of Costa Rica has been ranked as one of the leading plastic surgery centers by the Costa Rica Association of Medical Recovery Inns and Hotels, according to Gil Clark, the President and CEO of CRMD. As a result, Dr. Rodrigo Araya, M.D., who has offices in the prestigious Cima Hospital Complex in San Jose has seen a constant increase in patients seeking quality plastic surgery at prices up to 2/3rds lower than in the U.S. For information regarding prices and procedures, please go to:

Dr. Rodrigo Araya M.D., a leading plastic surgeon with offices at the Cima Hospital Center in Costa Rica, specializes in a full range of plastic surgery procedures at low prices for those wishing to enhance their bodies and self-image. Specializing in facial, as well as all areas of upper and lower body improvements, Dr. Araya is a highly skilled surgeon and offers his services at this web site:

Breast lifts in Costa Rica! Costa Rica Medical Tourism is in full swing as thousands of Americans and Canadians make their way to Costa Rica for plastic surgery procedures. With breast lifts at the top of the list, Dr. Rodrigo Araya. M.D. offers a full range of breast implants as well as breast reconstruction, breast reduction and all types of breast augmentation at very low prices. For more information, please go to:

Ready For a Complete Body Makeover?. Many women find that enhancements are needed after having children, and Dr. Araya of the Plastic Surgery Center of Costa Rica offers total body makeovers including lower body lifts, as well as individual procedures such as tummy tucks and thigh lifts. Prices are up to 2/3rds less than the U.S. here:

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